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New QOV Design

I was getting tired of the split nine patch blocks, but I still love the classic nine patch.  So, I gave it a twist!


I learned this technique early in my quilting career, and there is a book by Sharyn Squier Craig called “Twist ‘n Turn: a fun way to frame quilt blocks.”  To make a quilt that meets the desired size for QOV, you will need 48 or 56 blocks. (With borders, that would be either 58x 66 or 66×74)  Here is my layout for the larger size:

twisty qov

To make the block, start with 2.5″ squares and construct a nine patch.


Then add a yellow border.  Using a 2.5″ strip, cut 2 pieces at 6.5″ and 2 pieces at 10.5″.


You can make your blocks tilt to the right or to the left, depending on how you align the ruler to make the first cut.  The finished look of the block will be the opposite of the beginning ruler position.  Lay the ruler at an angle on the right side of the block, keeping at least a half inch seam allowance to the corner of the block.image

Turn the block so the cut edge is along the bottom and lay the ruler straight along the 8.5″ line on the cutting mat.  Trim the next side of the block.  Repeat for the remaining sides.


And now your block is ready to dance along, doing the twist!



Happy St. Patrick’s Day!

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Are you wearing green?  As a kid who always wanted to express my individuality, I embraced my Scottish heritage and wore orange instead!

This is a quilt I made very early in my sewing career.  I think it was the first time I set blocks on point.  Limited palette of calicos and that funny squash print…what was I thinking?  But I love the green polka dots for the setting triangles and smaller border.  My mom quilted it with straight lines on her domestic machine.  I think we finished this one in 2004.

A pieced back!  Always a fun way to use up leftover blocks, and it makes a reversible quilt.

Today is National Quilting Day!  SeamedUP is hosting a sew-in, look for the #NDQSI tag on Twitter to join the fun.  I am ready to time myself on my jelly roll race…if I can get my daughter to amuse herself for an hour.

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